Please contact your Extended Health Care Insurance Provider regarding the details of your policy - Is direct billing allowable? What is the percentage or dollar value payable per annum for Massage Therapy treatment? Is there a deductible requirement? Is a doctor's note necessary prior to treatment?

If direct billing is not possible, you will be provided with a receipt of payment to submit for reimbursement consideration.

If there is a difference between my fees and the fees payable by your insurance provider, you are responsible for those fees at the time of service and will be provided with a receipt of payment - a credit card kept on file is mandatory.

If I have directly billed on your behalf, know that you are responsible for the full cost of treatment should your insurance provider deny payment to me for any reason at the time of treatment or anytime thereafter.

Your insurance provider will not be billed for any fees associated with late cancellations or missed appointments - it is the client's responsibility to pay in full.

Not all Extended Health Care Insurance Providers can or will be directly billed - please inquire. Your policy information is required at the time of booking.

The Following May Be Directly Billed:

  • Pacific Blue Cross, with the exception of those from out-of-province.

  • Medavie Blue Cross - RCMP & Veterans Affairs Canada.

  • ICBC - note that their payable fees have a limited $ amount per treatment. You will be responsible for payment of the difference at the time of service and will be provided with a receipt.

  • Additional participating Insurance Providers may be billed through Telus Health - please inquire.